NetACT Regional Workshop at Igbaja in Kwara State Nigeria

PHOTO: NetACT participants at the Regional Conference ECWA Theological Seminary, Igbaja, Nigeria.

Dr Stephen Baba, Provost of ECWA Theological Seminary Igbaja (ETSI) is ready to welcome the 15 theological schools from Nigeria as well as one from  the Democratic Republic of the Congo at the Nigeria regional workshop.

It is actually two workshops: one deals with the project of writing an African Public Theology book in which we want to address corruption and leadership issues and empower Christians from all walks of life to address this scourge that is slowly killing out continent.

In the second workshop the librarians from the seminaries / theological colleges are trained to use the NetACT Internet Portal. Take a look at 

The bad news of this workshop is that the five South Africans could not get visas to attend. Their presentations now has to be presented as YouTube videos … which you can actually look at